This Is The Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, The Fastest Ferrari Yet

By David Ponce

With rising gas prices and ever tightening environmental regulations, the days of naturally aspirated cars may be numbered. Even more so those of massive V12’s, like the gem that powers Ferrari’s all new F12 Berlinetta. That masterpiece right there is the fastest the Italian company has ever made and the numbers sure are impressive. 12 cylinders displace 6262cc (or what we understand to be a little over 6.2L) for a power output of 740bhp. This propels the 1525 kg (3,362lbs) monster from 0 to 62mph in 3.1 seconds, and an even more impressive 8.5s for the 0 to 124mph sprint. But it’s not just straight line prowess: “It also completes a lap of the Fiorano test circuit in 1’23”, faster than any other Ferrari road car. The previous record for a Ferrari road car was 1’24.00 by a 599 GTO in 2010, preceded by an Enzo which went around in 1’24.90 in 2002 and a 458 Italia 1’25.00 in 2010.”

Raw power performance aside, the Berlinetta comes with a bevy of orgasmatronic car tech:

Such as Aero Bridge, Active Brake Cooling, a new generation of carbon-ceramic brakes (CCM3), a further evolution of the magnetorheological suspension control system (SCM-E) plus the usual E-Diff, ESP Premium, F1-Trac, and high-performance ABS control systems.

The price? Oh we don’t have a price. We expect it to be as expensive as expensive can get, though nowhere near Veyron territory… which in a twisted kind of way, makes it “affordable”. At least to the 1%.

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