This Is How You’ll Use PSP Accessories With The PSPgo

PSPgo Converter Cable Adaptor (Image courtesy Sony)
By Andrew Liszewski

I thought there was a chance that Sony might have been able to breathe some life back into the PSP with the PSPgo, but so far things haven’t been looking so promising. First there’s the ridiculous price, then there’s word that some retailers have simply decided not to carry it, and now this. Given the new form factor, it’s not surprising that the PSPgo isn’t compatible with existing PSP peripherals (like the camera or the 1Seg Tuner) but there is a workaround in the form of this adapter ‘cable’ which appears to completely wrap around the Go, providing a mount on top for plugging in older accessories. Hello backwards compatibility, goodbye portability.

[ Joystiq – Stop and look at PSP Go’s ridiculous Converter ‘Cable’ ]

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