This iPhone Case Doubles As A Stun Gun

This iPhone Case Doubles As A Stun Gun

By David Ponce

It’s sad to say that crime is pretty rampant worldwide, but it is especially so in the US. And while carrying a stun gun around with you may not do much if you’re faced with someone with an actual gun, there are many situations where it can tip the balance your way. The YellowJacket is an iPhone 4S case that also pulls double duty as a 650,000V stun gun. Simply activating it will generate a loud and visible spark across the two terminals and could serve as a deterrent to the casual assailant. Should they get closer to you, touching them with the tip of the case will incapacitate even a large male, giving you time to run away to safety. Yes, the case is pretty bulky, but on the bright side if you know you’re not going to be in any potentially dangerous situations, you can flip a switch and provide up to 20 additional hours of battery to your phone. There are safety features built in to prevent accidental discharges too, so you don’t have to worry about hurting yourself with it.

It’s currently a project on IndieGogo, and a $100 pledge will get you yours. You should of course check not only your local laws for the legality of carrying something like this, but also inquire into specific places you visit, like airports or some venues, which might not allow them.

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