These Giant DSLR Lens Are For Sitting, Not Shooting

These Giant DSLR Lens Are For Sitting, Not Shooting

DSLR Chair

The first time I saw my brother-in-law cry was when he sat on his fisheye lens after a particularly long shoot. Suffice to say, while his behind was perfectly fine, his lens were not. The second time was when his daughter grabbed his new lens from his bag and proceeded to play catch with her imaginary friend. You can just imagine how that scenario ended.

Breaking your lens is something you won’t ever have to worry about with Spanish design studio Monoculo ginormous DSLR reflex lenses, though. That’s because they’re (clearly) not actual lenses, but stools that were designed and created to look like one.

DSLR Chair1

The massive DSLR stool is completely hand-made using Ayous wood. It’s got a comfy red cushion that can be popped off easily to reveal some storage space within the seat. Pretty neat, huh?

The DSLR Reflex Lens Stool is available from Monoculo Shop on Etsy for $780.

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