This Candle That Smells Like A New Mac Now Smells Even More Like A New Mac


Last year, Twelve South, an Apple accessories company, released a candle that claimed to smell like you’ve just unboxed a certain $2,000 aluminum computer. It sold out quickly, but it didn’t really smell like a new Mac and it didn’t really have that Apple-look.

Thankfully, they’ve fixed that with the Inspire [mac candle N°2], their new-New Mac candle with an updated profile of bergamot, lemon, and tarragon (Hey, I know one of those words), and it claims to smell much more accurate than last year’s model. It even has a new updated design that really makes it look like something Apple made with a rounded white jar that’s just as pristine as many Apple products.

Personally I really like the new design. It’s cleaner and looks easier to hold in your hand. Last year’s first-gen model may have sold well, but many insiders knew there were still some bugs to get worked out and this second-gen model looks like it might be a real flagship for the company. The candle sells for $29, but some of that money goes to help young people in STEM education, so it’s worth a good cause.

No word on whether this model supports wireless charging or not, but I’ll update if I get more information.

TwelveSouth ]

UPDATE: I just found out candles don’t need to be charged.