This Bulky Looking Box Contains 15 Gaming Consoles


With a lot of know-how, a soldering iron, other specialized tools, and time on their hands, it’s pretty impressive to see what some modders are able to accomplish. Ben Heckendorn comes to mind, but he’s not the only kid in town. The man known as Bacteria has put together some interesting creations, the latest one of which you see above. It’s called “Project Unity” and represents 15 consoles crammed into one space. No emulation here either: the beauty in the project is how Microbe got all the consoles to share one power supply, video cable and control pad. The man spent 3,500 hours over 3 years to make this, laying out 300 meters of cabling inside what ended up being a 20kg (44lbs) box. Yes, it’s a one of a kind box, which means it’s probably not going to be for sale anytime soon, if ever. But if you’re the tinkering type, you might want to check out the video after the break for a fairly detailed breakdown of what Microbe did.

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