This Briefcase Doubles As A Bulletproof Shield


There are parts of the world where you’d be better off wearing a bulletproof vest. Heck, even a full suit of armour might even be a good idea in some spots. But that’s uncomfortable and cumbersome, and it turns out there are alternatives. Like the MTS Multi-Threat Shield briefcase, which looks like a regular laptop bag until you realize it’s time to unfurl it and turn it into a legit shield. A simple “flick of the wrist” is enough to get the transformation going, so you can be protected quickly. And it’ll stop “multiple impacts from most handgun, knife, shotgun and pistol caliber sub-machine gun threats. (Protection against high-powered rifles is available with a Level III insert plate; sold separately.)” It’s not super light at 8 lbs., and definitely even heavier with a Level III insert plate, but for the kind of protection this affords you we figure you can suck it up. It’s $900 to own.

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