This Blender Can Also Make Soups And Sauces


It turns out that the next innovation to come to the world of blenders isn’t a more powerful motor, but a heating element. 3 Squares’ new ‘Soup3rb Heat + Blend’ blender features a 450-Watt motor for the blending, and an 800-Watt non-stick heating element in the same jar. This allows the appliance to not only puree your veggies with a normal blending action, but to then combine these veggies with other ingredients and heat them until they transform into soup, or whatever other liquid edible that requires heating. The stainless steel jar doesn’t let you see your concoctions, but the BPA-free lid should still allow you to peek at consistency.

It’s not quite ready for primetime, but it should be ready to launch by Q3 of this year for $150.

[ C|Net ] VIA [ Gizmodo ]