14 Day Lantern (Image courtesy Hammacher Schlemmer)

This 14 Day Lantern Will Probably Outlast Your Interest In Being Outdoors

14 Day Lantern (Image courtesy Hammacher Schlemmer)
By Andrew Liszewski

On a set of 4 x D-sized batteries this LED lantern will run for an impressive 336 consecutive hours, on its lowest setting of course. But that equates to 2 whole weeks of illumination which is easily more time than most people can tolerate camping or even being outdoors. In fact at full brightness it can still run for 175 hours non-stop, or just over a week, which again is probably longer than most people can stand to be away from the safety of their online social networks. It’s also completely waterproof and will remain buoyant and fully operational if dropped in water, perfect if you’ve chosen a really, really poor place to set up camp. $49.95 from Hammacher Schlemmer.

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5 thoughts on “This 14 Day Lantern Will Probably Outlast Your Interest In Being Outdoors”

  1. need to say that i am agree with you.. that sounds nt natural. plus after your…a kind of a little research this is really impossible and even obvious.. you are great) after reading your post i think no one will still have a desire to buy this thing and thanks God that i am not the one who sales them))) thanks for you being so attentive)

  2. This isn't possible

    I've gone to their site and they claim 160 lumens for 336 consecutive hours.

    So let's prove this isn't possible:

    Well the most effecient LED's that exist have a luminous efficacy of 200 lumen / Watt
    The theoretical limit of LED's is 300 Lumen / Watt

    So let's say that they are geniuses and designed the most efficient LED possible.
    Then their 160 lumen LED would be 0.53 Watt.
    Now if you have a lamp of 0.53 Watt running for 336 hours you will need in total
    178 Wh. This thing is powered by 4 D batteries and the maximum capacity of such battery is 15Wh so to keep it running that long you would need 12 D batteries.
    So this isn't possible

  3. Must say I agree, I quite like camping but there is noway I would camp for two weeks. Also, when I go camping I enjoy the satisfaction of having an open fire to provide heat and light rather than a battery lamp.

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