ThinkGeek Releases Their Own iPad Bluetooth Keyboard Case

By Chris Scott Barr

Yesterday we showed you a gadget that could essentially turn your iPad into a netbook by giving it a sleek case with a built-in keyboard. It looked rather fancy, and gave the appearance that it actually was a netbook or laptop. Unfortunately, for the $150 price tag, one could actually buy a netbook.

ThinkGeek has just announced their own iPad Bluetooth Keyboard Case, for a fraction of the cost. It has a nice black silicone cover, which folds out to reveal a Bluetooth keyboard, and a stand for the iPad. It can also be flipped around so that the flap sits behind the device, letting you hold it just as you normally would. The rechargeable lithium ion battery lasts up to 90 hours, and is recharged via USB.

It might not be so cool as to give your iPad the illusion of being a laptop, but personally, I like my iPad looking like and iPad. If I’m going to be doing a lot of typing, I’ll toss a Bluetooth keyboard in my bag, but that’s a hassle. Honestly, for the $60 price and functionality, this looks like the perfect case for those that might want to do more typing than the average user.

VIA [ ThinkGeek ]