Thinkgeek Drum Kit Shirt

By Evan Ackerman

If you’ve spent much time around drummers (and I’ve had way, way, WAY more than my share), you might take a look at this drum kit shirt and ask yourself why on Earth anyone would want to go and give a drummer yet another way to make noise. Please, Thinkgeek, have mercy on the rest of us. Yes, it’s cool that your shirt has integrated touch panels and a speaker that can loudly reproduce seven different sounds. It’s also cool that all of the electronic components removable so that the shirt can be washed. But why did you have to put drums on it? Why not something a bit gentler, with less potential for public abuse… Something like, I dunno, bagpipes? Yeah, bagpipes. Now THAT would be awesome.

The electronic drum kit shirt takes 4 AA batteries and will run you about $30 from ThinkGeek. Migraine medication sold separately.

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