ThingCHARGER Is A Smart Charger


This charger is smart, but not smart in the way the word is normally used in tech circles. It’s a smartly designed wall outlet that plugs right into your existing one, but features an interchangeable tip on its top surface that lets you to charge any mobile device you want, while still keeping both plugs free for other things. It stores up to three different tips in recessed areas at the back. Better yet, you can daisy-chain a few ThingCHARGERs and juice up several gadgets at once. There are no wires to mess around with, and there are two regular USB outlets at the bottom, just in case the tip isn’t enough.

They’ve blown through their crowdfunding goals already, with $29 pledges pouring in by the thousands. A Lightning connector tip is an extra $9.


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2 thoughts on “ThingCHARGER Is A Smart Charger”

  1. This is ridiculous. Not only do you have a brick sticking out of your wall, but you’re also going to perch your expensive devices precariously on top of said brick with nothing but the connectors to hold them in place. One bump and the connector will either snap off in your device or you’ll damage the charging port on the device itself.
    It amazes me that they’ve received over $300K from people who will soon be going to the Apple store or Samsung looking for warranty repairs on their devices…

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