These Japanese Merrells Have A Beautiful Sole

These Japanese Merrells Have A Beautiful Sole

Merrell Woodblock Inspired Shoes (Images courtesy Merrell)
By Andrew Liszewski

I understand that proper traction is important when it comes to shoes designed for running or hiking, but when it comes to casual footwear I’ve often wondered why more companies don’t treat the soles like a blank canvas for something truly creative. So kudos to Merrell for stepping up to the plate with their new line of shoes featuring ‘ukiyo-e‘ or Japanese woodblock print inspired soles that look freaking fantastic. Seriously, if I had a pair of these I’d purposely try to step in every single puddle I could find just to leave footprints behind, and I’d have a hell of a time trying to decide between the ‘Great Wave’, ‘Swami’ or ‘Surfing Penguin’ design were it not for the fact that these appear to be Japan-only for the time being. ~$120 (¥10,290) a pair.

[ Walkerplus – “Ukiyo-e pattern” leave footprints “MERRELL” focus on casual shoes! (translated) ] VIA [ InventorSpot ]

3 thoughts on “These Japanese Merrells Have A Beautiful Sole”

  1. Really dig the Great Wave ones…though sadly, as a size 13/14, I bet they don't even come close to my size.

    Okay, just looked em up, I have “30 cm” feet, and these are only 25-28cm (US size 7-10) in mens. *sigh*

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