Nike - The Air Live Show (Image courtesy Creative Social Blog)

These Hover Nikes Are Flagrant False Advertising!

Nike - The Air Live Show (Image courtesy Creative Social Blog)
By Andrew Liszewski

If I were living in Argentina and came across this display promoting Nike’s Air Max shoes I would be quite upset if I got home with a new pair only to discover they didn’t actually hover. It turns out the display was created in conjunction with +Castro, an ‘innovation house’ in Latin America, to further promote Nike’s ‘special air’ campaign that was originally started with this revealing commercial. The shoes float about 1.6 inches above a special track thanks to good old-fashioned magnets, and visitors to the store can race a side-by-side pair using their own ‘special air’ by blowing into a microphone. You can even race online at the Air Live Show website as long as your computer’s equipped with a mic too.

Besides duping gullible chaps like myself who’ll just have to put their hover shoe dreams on hold once again, the display, and extension of the campaign, shows everyone that their air is special, just not special enough to warrant a multi-million dollar endorsement deal.

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