These Are Dog Pooping Lamps. Yes, That’s Right

By David Ponce

The above (and below) lamps were supposed to be part of “London’s the Art Below exhibition on London Underground stations. Unfortunately they were banned by London Underground due to being offensive.” So now you can buy them. Created by artist Whatshisname, the lamps called ‘Good Boy’ and ‘Good Puppy’ are a small and large versions of dogs doing their business and have to be turned on or off by stepping, yes, right on the turds. Yeah, it’s classy and the pricetag is too: the larger ‘Good Boy’ lamp is $3,800 and ‘Good Puppy’ is $1,550 (freaking artists, eh?). They take one month to make and appear to be actual products you can put in your nice homes.


[ Good Puppy ] AND [ Good Boy ]