The XACT XQ2500 Wireless Landline Headpiece

xact xq2500

By David Ponce

To us, it looks like the landline wireless phone saw a Bluetooth headset, got jealous, threw a hissy fit, and got a makeover to look just like one.

Except even uglier.

The XACT XQ2500 is nothing more than a $10, 2.4 Ghz wireless phone with the keypad on the headpiece itself. Aside from looking like a mechanical sphincter tumor, we suppose it might actually be somewhat useful for the Neanderthals who still use landlines at home. (Take it easy guys, it’s nothing personal).

[The XACT XQ2500] VIA [Gadget Garden]

5 thoughts on “The XACT XQ2500 Wireless Landline Headpiece”

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  2. Some of us Neanderthals still use landlines at home because a) they remain pretty darned cheap, b) they are extremely reliable, even when massive power outages that affect cell towers occur, c) the quality is consistently excellent, d) landlines can easily have multiple extensions that ring (or not) all over the house, and e) we have to to keep a landline to maintain our DSL service.

  3. i cant understand why ppl are so down on landlines. it sure came in handy (im in the nyc area) during 9/11 when my cell line was overloaded and only my landline worked. it sure came in handy many times during power outages and i needed to make a call. no, it’s not cooool…but it sure is smaaaart to have a landline.

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