The X-9 XN-F3, Almost Takes On The Mobiblu DAH

X-9 XN-F3By David Ponce

Take the Mobiblu DAH and squish it down a bit. It’ll get wider, and overall a little larger (it’s 41 x 40 x 12.8mm, vs the DAH’s 24x24x24mm), but that’s allright. Slap a 65k color OLED screen, built-in FM tuner, eBook functionality and video playback (WMV-compatible even) and you’ve for the X-9 XN-F3, from Korean manufacturer… something or other. I can’t decipher the lovely Korean source page

I did get this much: it comes in 256/512 and 1GB versions and will cost you a sigh of envy. Unless of course, you live in Korea, in which case perhaps you can enlighten us about it. No?

I also know that it looks quite lovely.

[Korean Linky] VIA [DAPreview]

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