The World’s Smallest Solar Car

The World’s Smallest Solar Car

The World's Smallest Solar Car (Image courtesy MCA Store)
By Andrew Liszewski

A lot of engineers will tell you that the technology to build a car that runs solely on energy from the sun just doesn’t exist. But that’s simply not true. You most certainly can build one, as long as you don’t need it to be longer than 1.3 inches. It won’t carry you, or any passengers, or any groceries, or probably even a paperclip for that matter. But when you stick Georg Huber’s quarter-sized electric racer somewhere with ample sunlight (and a smooth surface given its minuscule size) it will zip along in circles until the clouds roll in. Available from the Museum of Contemporary Art Store for $25, batteries not included, nor required.

[ Museum of Contemporary Art Store – World’s Smallest Solar Car ]

2 thoughts on “The World’s Smallest Solar Car”

  1. Personally; I don’t really care how the car gets power as long as it’s ELECTRIC! Changeable batteries would be nice. Kind a like what Goss132 already has. I could charge the batteries with solar energy from about a million of these little guys. This thing is cool though.

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