The WL-16III Walkbot, Not Yet A Segway Contender

walkbot IIBy David Ponce

The Japanese are at it (by “it”, I mean unmatched technological awesomeness) again, this time producing one slick robot, named the WL-16RIII Walkbot. It was developed at Waseda University, and is intended to help the elderly and the handicapped get around. Its brains are made from a Pentium III computer, and it runs on a Nickel Hydrogen battery. It’s claim to fame, in a way, is its ability to handle stairs.

It’s still in development though, as it’s rather slow and has weight limitations. But, you should come inside and check out the video. You’d have to pay me to have that thing take me down a flight of stairs, let me tell you.

VIA [New Launches]

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