The Winch Project (Image courtesy

The Winch Project Makes Sledding Fun Again

The Winch Project (Image courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

When I was a kid there was no better way to spend a snowy day than sledding with my Pa. But it kind of became less fun the day I had to start hauling my own sled back up the local hill. After that the whole tobogganing idea became less appealing, unless I had had the engineering prowess of these guys. Their Winch Project is exactly that, a winch tethered to a tree that uses an 8HP Tecumseh Power Sport engine to pull a 2100 foot long rope that’s looped up a hill. The rope itself weights 70 pounds, but the setup is capable of towing up to 3 adults (at a 30 degree incline!) up a sledding hill at a pretty quick pace from the looks of the video I’ve included below.

There are no plans or directions on how to build one yourself, but if you have the capability and skills of building such a device I’m sure the glimpses they offer in the video are enough to put you on the right track.

[ The Winch Project ] VIA [ The Red Ferret Journal ]

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  1. This is good enough. I think I won’t look at sledding the same as before because of this video! lol Thanks for sharing this one. I think I might have the skill to make one but not the patience.

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