The Web Is Full Of WTF: Taxidermied Cat Turned Into QuadCopter

By David Ponce

Walking down the downtown streets of any major metropole, you’ll run across your crazies. It’s fun. It’s what makes the place lively. Likewise on the web, you always bump into all manner of strange individuals. Like Dutch artist Bart Jansen. He had his cat Orville taxidermied after it was hit by a car. Only instead of letting the feline keep his dignity post-mortem, he turned him into the spectacle you see above. Outfitted with a rotor on each paw, the lifeless feline can take to the skies via remote control. Not very well though. If you watch the below video, you’ll notice he seems to have some trouble getting airborne. So apparently for his birthday, the abomination creation will be receiving more powerful engines and larger propellers. Stuffed cats are heavy, we imagine.

Oh and you remember how we said this was the work of an artist? Yeah, so the flying quad rotor cat is on display at the Kunstrai art festival in Amsterdam.

Hit the jump for a bunch of pictures.

[ The Guardian ]

1 thought on “The Web Is Full Of WTF: Taxidermied Cat Turned Into QuadCopter”

  1. I like cats. And I don’t like what I’m seeing here. Cats are graceful creatures – light on their feet and well balanced. Show Orville some respect. Along with new motors, at least put a gyro in his belly so he can hover with dignity. And for the love of cat, give him some hover-mice he can chase!

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