The Volt Buckle Lets You Carry A Charger Around Your Pants

By David Ponce

It’s a fact of life that guys tend to leave the house with quite a bit less portable storage space than women. While the ladies have seemingly bottomless purses in which to stash what appears to be mostly useless things (how many lipsticks can you possibly need?), they at least have the space to bring a phone charger along if they want. And while we might not need four kinds of concealer, we do need to top up the battery on our phone from time to time. The Volt Buckle could be a practical solution for when you’re out in the wild and want to juice up your device: remove part of the buckle, attach the appropriate connector and let the charging begin. You’re still able to keep the belt on (and functional) while the buckle is being used and the shape of the device transforms it into a stand of sorts so that your phone is propped up in case the wall socket is elevated. You can order it with any type of connector you need, and the belt features a special compartment on the inside with which to carry it. It’s a smart and simple design and at $60 on pre-order on IndieGoGo won’t break the bank. Of course, the company has to reach its funding goals first, and as of this writing they haven’t even reached 5% of their $60k objective. There’s 49 days left though, so you never know.

[ Volt Buckle ] VIA [ TechCrunch Gadgets ]