The Virtuoso Self-Playing Violin

virtuoso self playing violinBy David Ponce

Far be it from us to suggest that technological advances might be doing too good of a job in replacing humans at whatever it is humans do. We envision a future where our days are filled with vigorous naps, enthusiastic lunches, much beer guzzling and not much else. And, the Virtuoso self-playing violin seems to us like just another step in that direction. Costing $17,500, and having taken the engineering prowess of a retired president of a military technology company, along with a former NASA administrator to design, the device simply eliminates the job of “violinist”.

The high cost is explained by the fact that creating a self-playing violin is a lot more complex than a self-playing piano. Nevertheless, there you have it. And for those of you screaming “Balderdash!”, we’ve included (yet again) a video for your watching pleasure… after the jump.

[Virtuoso self-playing piano violin] VIA [I4U]

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  3. Un virtuoso violin que toca solo. fue inventado por un presidente retirado de una compa?ia y un ex-funcionario de la nasa. Tocar un violin es mas dificil que un piano.

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