The Tweeting Teakettle Has Gone Too Far


By Chris Scott Barr

I’ll be the first to admit that I hate Twitter. Much like the constant MySpace and Facebook updates that people made before, most tweets are of mundane activities such as grocery shopping and bathroom activities. Well now we can look forward to automated tea-time tweets thanks to this gadget.

This stylish looking teakettle has a sinister secret. Instead of whistling to let you know that it’s ready, it will send out a tweet via WiFi. Really? Have we become so reliant upon technology that we have to have our phone or computer inform us that our tea is ready? Thankfully these guys still need a bit of funding before this technological atrocity is released to the general public. They’re currently aiming for a retail price of around $115.

[ MobileInc ] VIA [ Dvice ]

3 thoughts on “The Tweeting Teakettle Has Gone Too Far”

  1. $115? Are you kidding me? For something that lets you know via Twitter that your tea– which, for most people, would be about twenty feet away– is ready to go? Lame.

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