The Tufrack, For When The Rack Has To Be As Tough As The Bikes It Carries

It’s not that there’s anything wrong with regular bike racks, but some people are really into appearances. Driving a Hummer? That’s you. That’s alright though, we don’t judge, we’re just recognizing some realities of life. And if you enjoy interspersing your driving around in a giant hulk of metal with occasional rides on self-propelled vehicles, like a bicycle, you might want to match your accessories. The Tufrack is made from MIG welded, laser cut, powder coated 16-gauge steel, and is yet 25% lighter than the competition’s tray style racks. It’s also modular, meaning you can add numerous racks inline as needed. Tufrack guarantees it to be indestructible, but indestructible is not cheap: $199 per rack.

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