trofe mug from ikea

By David Ponce

This is smart design. The TROFE mug from IKEA features a little notch on the bottom, so that water will not pool there while in the dishwasher.

Yes, some people are annoyed by the little pools of water, and at $0.5 each, these mugs seem like a cheap and easy way to ease at least one of their neuroses.

[TROFE from IKEA] VIA [Fosfor Gadgets]

12 thoughts on “The TROFE Mug From IKEA”

  1. Oh yes – That IS smart. Only this morning I was doing “The Drudgery” and as I puled the top drawer open the clutter below got covered in water. I’m off to Ikea….

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  3. 50 cents. How can be something like this so cheap? Makes me really wonder how Ikea calculates their mass products and who gets paid how much for those. Does not taste good somehow …

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  6. Wonder whether it was also a ploy to save money? Obviously that much ‘clay’ (or whatever the cup is made from) is tiny for 1 or even 100 mugs, but I bet if you manufacture 10,000,000 it creates a cost saving. Still I had wondered why they had the little hole on the bottom

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