The Total Immersion Personal Computer Environment

By David Ponce

I’m not saying it looks like you’re at the gynecologist with your feet in stirrups… it’s just that, well, hell, that’s exactly what you look like in this thing. And the fella on the picture really looks like he’s diggin’ it.

Doesn’t matter though. If my money tree ever comes out of the ground, I wouldn’t mind spending $6,000 on this: the Total Immersion Personal Computer Environment, from MYPCE. Though at this price, it also looks like it might come bundled with a Shuttle XPC 64 Bit AMD (2GB DDR RAM, 240GB Hard-drive) and a NEC Multisync LCD 2080 (20”). Of course, I might just be imagining things.

So, go to the website and look around. Story VIA Ubergizmo.

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