The TerminatorBot, Inspired by the Guvernator

By David Ponce

I like robots: they spawned a dance revolution. They also do useful stuff from time to time, like build your cars and such. Well, the TerminatorBot wants to get all humanitarian on you instead and is built (with DARPA (from Internet creation fame) funding) to perform search and rescue operations. It’s small, it looks funny and was inspired by the final scene of The Terminator movie. Why? Because this millibot is able to manipulate objects with its arms and locomote by dragging itself with the same arms.

The creator, one Professor Richard M. Voyles has even gone through the trouble of making a nice little alternate acronym name for him: the CRAWLER, which stands for Cylindrical Robot for Autonomous Walking and Lifting during Emergency Response. What sorts of revolutionary things it does, other than drag itself around on the same little arms it uses to do stuff, I’m not sure. I’m a sucker for ugly bots with funny names, and that’s that.

Check it out here. Story VIA The Raw Feed.