T-EM50 Tape

The T-EM50 is the World’s Smartest Tape Dispenser

T-EM50 Tape

Tape dispensers. Can’t live with them (especially during those times where they just keep getting stuck), can’t live without them (because, really, what other choice do you have?) The design of these office staples hasn’t changed much over the years. Frankly, it would be pretty hard to come up with a modern version of the tape dispenser because what can you really do to improve or add to its features, when all it’s meant to do is dispense tape?

That’s a question the folks over at Kokuyo S&T in Japan have pondered on a lot, because they’ve come up with the T-EM50, which is the world’s smartest tape dispenser. Why? Because it’s an automatic dispenser that spits out tape of the exact length that you specified on its LED display.

Given all that it can do, the T-EM50 is pretty pricey at 15,750 yen (~$200). But if you’re OCD about your tape, then this might be a worthwhile investment. The dispenser runs on four AA batteries and will go on sale sometime this September.

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  1. Does this remind anyone else of Dougal’s tape dispenser from Father Ted?! ‘You have used one inch of sticky tape. God bless you’.

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