The SureFire Pen – Taking Names And Busting Windows

SureFire Pen (Image courtesy SureFire)
By Andrew Liszewski

SureFire is known for their flashlights and other tactical gear that’s specifically engineered for security and law enforcement types. So when they start selling a SureFire branded pen, you know it’s going to be useful for more than just writing parking tickets or issuing citations. It features an aerospace-grade aluminum body that’s been hard anodized to Mil-Spec Type III specifications and while I have no idea what that means, it definitely sounds cool.

The pen comes standard with a high-performance Schmidt Technology easyFLOW ink cartridge, but it’s also adjustable allowing it to accommodate other appropriately sized cartridges if the Schmidt just isn’t doing it for you. But it’s the tailcap that separates the SureFire pen from all the other mundane writing instruments on the market since it features a rounded, polished stainless steel window breaker. At $125 on the SureFire website the pen isn’t cheap, but it’s considerably more pocket-friendly than the Bic pen taped to a brick that I’ve been using all these years. (I forget my car keys a lot.)

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