The Super NT is a Modern Way To Play All The Super Nintendo Games Not On The SNES Classic

Though the SNES Classic is great, and it is great, it’s a bummer that so many great games were left out. The SNES Classic still has a fantastic library, but what if you’re looking for a way to play all of your old favorites? You can of course, buy an old Super Nintendo, but you can never be sure of its condition, not to mention it won’t play games in HD.

But Analogue is offering a solution, the Super NT. The same guys behind the beautiful (and pricey) aluminum NT Mini are back with another high quality, modern way to play you favorite Nintendo games. Like its predecessor, the Super NT will play all games of the Super Nintendo and Super Famicom’s library and at 1080p through HDMI.

However, unlike its predecessor, the Super NT will be much more affordable at $189. Unfortunately, the Super NT is not made with same stunning aluminum, but it still comes in 4 great colors, including a sharp black model and transparent model that shows off the goodies. Besides, the company says the console is still built like a tank and avoiding aluminum helps keep that price down.

The Super NT is available for pre-order now and will ship in February, however controllers will need be purchased separately from 8BitDo.

Super NT ] VIA [ TheVerge ]