The Sunshower, Tanning While You Shower

sunshowerBy David Ponce

If you visit this company’s website, you’ll see why it was quite the problem for me to find a suitable picture to show you. Most of the good ones happened to have a nekkid gal on them, and while I appreciate the occasional unclothed lady… well, think of the children! Seems that in order to market their product, the Sunshower, Dutch company Sentavi believes it necessary to remind us all of just how naked one must be to enjoy a shower, especially one where you get tanned at the same time.

Yeah, so that’s the deal really. Sentavi makes a shower system that incorporates a tanning system. It’s all very nice and high tech.

The control panel has been designed for your convenience and it allows you to set the time and intensity of the tanning programme in a few easy steps. In this way you can care for your complexion in a gentle and personal manner.

Not exactly sure how much this system will set you back, but it all seems rather involved, with a 10-step installation procedure.

If you come inside, I’ve included a banned-in-the-USA promotional video the company makes. Yeah, it includes boobies, so you might not want to play it around prudes/kids/spouses and such.

[Sentavi] VIA [FreshCreation]

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