The Spike Is A Case For The iPhone That Comes With A Foldaway Keyboard

By David Ponce

We’re not big fans of tactile keyboards simply because we learned to trust the iPhone’s autocorrect abilities early on and have become fairly proficient a typing fast on flat glass. But it’s undeniable that a large segment of the market still likes them; it’s kind of one of the only reasons Blackberries are still around. It’s also one of the most requested features on the iPhone, one which is very unlikely to ever make an appearance natively. The Spike case you see above is the best implementation of an add-on keyboard we’ve ever come across. It’s first a protective case for the phone, but there’s a hinge that lets you swivel a tiny keyboard with actual buttons and overlay it on the device’s screen when needed. As soon as you’re done typing, swivel it back and out of the way. You’ll get that tactile feedback you’ve gotten used to, as well as the ability to enjoy the full screen for other applications.

There’s actually three versions of the case. The Spike 1 is the least expensive, but the hinge for the keyboard doesn’t allow it to get tucked back, only flipped out of the way when not needed. To stow it permanently, you have to disassemble the case, turn the bottom part 180 degrees, and reassemble it. The Spike 2 is made with premium materials and a brushed metal accent band around the edge. The Spike 3 is a limited edition case made in Aluminum. Prices while on pre-order on Kickstarter are, respectively: $25, $40 or $150.

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