The Speed Camera Lottery (Image courtesy Volkswagen)

The Speed Camera Lottery Adds Positive Reinforcement To Encourage People To Obey The Speed Limit

The Speed Camera Lottery (Image courtesy Volkswagen)
By Andrew Liszewski

Speed cameras typically rely on negative reinforcement to discourage people from driving too fast where they’ve been set up. If the radar clocks you driving faster than you should be, your license plate is photographed and a speeding ticket is mailed off to you. The Speed Camera Lottery however, which was Kevin Richardson’s winning entry in Volkswagen’s ‘The Fun Theory‘ contest, adds a bit of positive reinforcement to the mix.

From what I can tell Volkswagen’s contest actually ended last year, but Kevin Richardson’s idea was so good that it has already been tested and implemented by the The Swedish National Society for Road Safety in Stockholm. Instead of only photographing drivers who are caught speeding, this camera also photographs those driving within the speed limit and automatically enters them in a lottery that’s funded by the money generated by the speeding tickets. It’s brilliantly simple and clever, but also very effective in practice since a 3-day test with around 25,000 vehicles passing the camera resulted in an average speed reduction of 22%.

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