The Space Case 1 Is A Suitcase Loaded With Tech Features

The Space Case 1 Is A Suitcase Loaded With Tech Features


The Space Case 1 isn’t the first smart suitcase we’ve talked about, but as time goes on manufacturers learn how to add even more features, and this case is packed. Here’s a quick rundown of what it does:

– Digital BioLock
Forget about small padlocks or easy-to-forget number combinations. Press your finger against the reader and Space Case 1 opens up for you. We do imagine there’s a TSA override, though.

– Global Tracker
Know the location of your suitcase at all times.

– Digital Self Scale
Sensors built into the wheels make it possible to weigh your suitcase at any time.

– Power Bank
A 12,000mAh battery, hooked up to 3 USB ports (2 external, and 1 in an internal front pocket), means you can charge your devices during long haul flights, or extended layovers.

– Bluetooth Speakerphone
Take or make handsfree calls from your hotel room, or stream some tunes while you work. The Bluetooth speakerphone is integrated.

– Proximity Sensor / Anti-Theft
Get a notification when your luggage arrives at the carrousel. If someone were to leave with it before you get to it, the case locks down and sounds an alarm.

– And more

Prices start at $249 for a carry-on. It’s a fully-funded Kickstarter, with an expected November delivery.






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