The Smart Lightbulb

By David Ponce

Now this is really good. It’s a lightbulb (making use of technology developped by Fujitsu) that alerts you via SMS when it burns out. A signal is engraved in a contact part of the bulb. When it dies, it sends you a message. How? This is the great part.

It shoots an SMS via the electric wires of your home, to the Internet, then to your phone, telling you to “Buy a new lightbulb on the way home”.

No clue on price though. Story VIA Textually.

10 thoughts on “The Smart Lightbulb”

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  4. Well, I don’t need an SMS to notify me when a bulb goes out in my home. I think I am quite able to see that with my own eyes.
    But it might be useful for industrial buildings maintenance. Or within small households where the owner is actually blind.

  5. Burned out? The concentration should be on making a light bulb that doesn’t burn out. I have heard they exist, but selling replacement light bulbs makes more money.

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