The Sheaffer Prelude MPI

By David Ponce

School started a little while back. That means reading. Right? Reading and studying. Of course. No beer, no parties, no nothing… just studying.

And when you do that, you’re going to want to do it right. That means writing notes in the margins and highlighting important parts of the text. Thing is… until now, that involved switching back and forth from pen to highlighter, a good number of times. Put together, that would mean, hell, minutes in lost productivity!

Penmaker Sheaffer comes to the rescue with the Prelude MPI. It’s a combination pen and highlighter. Use it as a pen, and with a simple twist of the handle, the pen retracts and the yellow felt comes out.

Of course, it’ll cost. Depending on the model, from $45 to $75. Check it out here. Story VIA Productdose.