The SeeFree Glasses Remove Adverts

By David Ponce

It’s been going around for some time now, but somehow I missed it. The SeeFree glasses are some really fugly eyepieces with some un-fugly “augmented reality” functionality. When you wear them, all ads disappear: billboards, posters, annoying commercials everywhere, all gone!

How does it do this? An integrated camera scans your environment. Some software makes (hopefully correct) decisions about what it sees and picks out what it determines to be adverts. Then, a projector on the glasses creates a mask that hides the offending billboard or poster.

To minimise power consumption and increase accuracy, the mask is projected directly onto your retina, leaving the rest of your environment through “as-is”. The mask’s color and brightness is a composite made from averaging the surrounding areas.

Sounds promising, but at $1500, I’m not going to be the one to try it out. Check out the website here. Story VIA

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