The Ride-On Carry-On

ride on carry onBy David Ponce

Now, this is my kind of efficiency. The picture rather speaks for itself, but well, it’s essentially just a little folding chair, called the Ride-On Carry-On, that easily attaches to your travel bag. Sit your kid, and haul him around, just like that.

The fun can be had for $32.

[The Ride-On Carry-On] VIA [Uber Review]

5 thoughts on “The Ride-On Carry-On”

  1. Becareful, when you drag your bag.
    If it flips somewhere along the way, you kid’s face will just land on the floor.
    It will be quite a ride for your kid.

    Not a bad idea punishing your kids though.
    “If you dont stop crying, I will put you in the Ride-On Carry-On!!”.

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