The Revitalizer Is A Lava Lamp Re-Invented

A staple of the 1960’s, the Lava Lamp was always kind of hypnotizing to watch. We suspect that was sort of its point anyway. And even though its popularity has waned, sales are still relatively strong on the back of nostalgic hippies, modern day stoners, or anyone looking for a little kitsch. But designer Merve Kahraman has taken the classic and reinvented it: meet the Revitalizer. Instead of submerging the blob of wax underwater, he’s wrapped it around a high-powered halogen bulb and suspended it above a heated mould. As the wax melts and slowly drips into the mould below, it creates surreal shapes and light play. Once it’s all fallen down, simply let the mould and its wax cool down, extract it and re-attach it around the bulb to start the process over.

As interesting as it sounds, it also looks like a recipe for a nice fire. But maybe it’s actually safer than it looks, what do we know. And sadly, there doesn’t appear to be any information about purchase.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Neatorama ]