The Revenge CD

By Simon Oqvist

Sweet vengeance…

Don’t you hate it when the neighbours are making a lot of noise, disrupting your concentration, sleep or calm moments with their loud sex life, screaming kids or barking dog? Well here’s your chance to savour the sweet taste of retribution with the Revenge CD, which ships with earplugs; you’ll understand why. Here’s a partial track lineup:

1) Drill
2) Party (At Least 200 People)
3) Orgasm (Outstanding)
4) Train
5) Drum (Played by a Child)
6) Inhuman Screams
7) Walking (High Heels)
8) Domestic Squabble
9) Doors Banging
10) Bowling
11) Unhappy Dog
12) Practicing Scales (Violin)

Crank the volume up, put the earplugs in, and sip a tea while the neighbours bang on the walls. All this fun, for all of $18, right here.