The Refugee Radio

By David Ponce

Very useful, very ingenious, tons of applications, all that. It’s a radio that doesn’t require any form of energy… at least, not external. It’s powered by the energy of the radio waves themselves.

Created by Mareike Gast, it’s meant to be used in such places as, you guessed it, refugee camps.

There are two versions: a complete radio for emergencies and a diy-kit for long-term camps. These are basic radios, but they leave space for personal adaptation. The radio diy-kit would be handed out refugee camp. The packaging serves as a manual. The technology is extremely simple and cheap, each recipient is involved in the making of the radio and thereby creates a very personal device.

Price is a drop of water in the scorching sun. The website, again, is here. Story VIA WMMNA.

Update: We’ve once again been rescued from the black oily depths of ignorance by some of our readers. There’s nothing new under the sun here, folks. Crystal radios have been around forever. Shame on me for having lived under a rock since birth.

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