The PQI U510 Reviewed. Verdict: Not too shabby

By David Ponce

Y’all might remember this. PQI makes credit card sized flash drives, called U510, that go all the way up to 16GB. It’s really cool stuff, and Everything USB had some one-on-one time with a 1GB version. The verdict?

In the end, the deciding factor on whether or not to pick up the U510 comes down to how much you dig the new Card Drive form factor. While the performance is sub-par compared to the other offerings on the market, a stronger adhesive is needed [to keep it together], and the bundled software is just pitiful, PQI has nonetheless succeeded in creating a highly scalable flash drive that breaks out of the ordinary.

For a full review, follow the link love.

[Everything USB Reviews The U510] VIA [I4U]

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