The Pong Hat

pong hat

By Bruce Eaton

Apparently Pong is not dead. Having seen its resurrection first on a clock, the latest hack is the Pong Hat. Actually able to run Pong, Space Invaders, text, and a beat box, the Pong Hat is a DIY by Leah Buechley who has made some other notable items such as an LED Dress. Many cool things in this mod, such as the sound input has various effects including controlling the speed the invaders march across the screen and even an infrared uploading ability.

Personally I wish it were in a nicer hat, I’m not down with the Fargo look. But with the instructions out there I bet we will be seeing some interesting hats. Next I want to see a PS2 Beenie with the Blades being the disc spinning.

[Pong Hat] VIA [Kotaku]