The PocketMod

By David Ponce

I cannot accurately convey to you just how unfreakingbelievable the Pocket Mod is. You must, less you are a Hairy Monolithic Monster, visit the link at the end of this post and discover for yourself the joys of Pocketmodding.

See, all it is, is a method for creating a little book where you can store information. A customisable pocket organizer of sorts. Paper. Folded paper with stuff printed on it. Like a little book.

Now, I know, this sounds retarded. The beauty comes when you play with the interface that lets you create this book. It’s Flash based. On the left, you have a menu of “mods”, things you’d like to include on your book, like a shopping list, or a contact list, or even a game of SoDoKu. You then drag any one mod to one of the six available pages on the right. When you’ve selected all your mods, you simply print out the page and fold according to some special instructions.

You’ve thus created your PocketMod. It fits in your back pocket. It’s virtually free. It opens like a book (come on… think about those little notes you keep on just about everything. And think about how they’re always falling out and making a mess…). The front page even has a special pocket to fit a business card. It has an almost poetic peudo anti-digital ring to it.

It’s genius, I tell ya! Now, you can visit the main site here. However, you can also go directly to the very intuitive Flash Pocketmod interface here.

Okay? Okay. Go here. Or here.

5 thoughts on “The PocketMod”

  1. Okay, not really that important, but this is bugging me:
    “things you’d like to include on your book, like a shopping list, or a contact list, or even a game of SoDoKu.”

    It’s Sudoku, not sodoku, soduku, sudoko or anything else I see all the time…

  2. It’s nice that booklet printing is being re-discovered, however, Blue Squirrel has been selling Click Book for years. Unlike this, click book is actually flexible.

  3. It would be nice, if you’d be able to link it to your existing database of appointments/contacts/etc.
    What’s the point of printing a schedule if it doesn’t contain my appointments?

  4. Caught this on Lifehacker this weekend. Loved it, but being the geek that I am, had to tweak it to my own specifications. So I made one in Word, since I only really need one version of the layout. Still, this is a uniquely elegant solution to my quest for the minimalist, non-electronic, wallet-sized organizer.

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