The Pocket Shot Is A New Kind Of Slingshot


Apparently some people use slingshots to do marginally useful things, like hunting. However, most people associate them with Bart Simpson style shenanigans… and that’s precisely why we love them! Not that we’re going to go around shooting the neighbourhood up, but fun is fun. The Pocket Shot, pictured above, appears to be a whole new take on the concept. Instead of the familiar Y-shaped frame, you have a plastic ring with a weird finned rubber bag attached. You simply pop your projectile in the bag, pull back and shoot like you would a normal slingshot. The makers claim speeds up to two to three times greater than regular slingshots, reaching 350 feet per second. Appropriately, they’re not calling this a toy and are limiting its sale to those 18 and over. You get two versions of the bags, a regular and a pro, with what we imagine to be two different draw weights and projectile speeds. At $25 for the main device, and as little as $2.50 for a bag, it’s dirt cheap; there’s even an optional “whisker biscuit cap” attachment to shoot arrows with!



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