The Pizza Cutter Fork

By David Ponce

Move over “spork”, there’s a new bad boy in town, and it’s the unfortunately named “Pizza Cutter Fork”. As you can see from the picture, it’s a simple fork with a smartly integrated pizza cutter. That way, you can eat your pizza with one hand, leaving the other to drink your beer. If you happen to be watching the game, in the company of a scantily clad lady by your side, I have bad news for you: you have died, and are now in heaven.

Now, if only they could find a good catchy name for this $6 invention… The “Picuork”? The “Pizcufork”?

Eh, sounds a little douchebaggy. Anyone want to give it a crack?

Buy it here. Story VIA BookOfJoe.

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25 thoughts on “The Pizza Cutter Fork”

  1. lamey Mclame. if your using a plate to eat pizza you got somewhere to put your beer anyway. if i see anyone using one of these i WILL punch them then laugh hard

  2. No you retardo. You don’t get the idea. Imagine you’re on a sofa. No table in front of you. On your right, you put you piping hot pizza on a plate. On your left is your gal. In your left hand is a beer. You’ve got no place to put your beer down, it would just fall on the sofa. How are you going to eat the pizza now, without this thing? You can’t ask her to hold it for you, how lame is that? You can’t take it in your hand, it’s too hot.

    Get it?

    It’s great!

  3. “You can’t take it in your hand, it’s too hot.” Wait 20 seconds for it to cool you fat @&%$! Assuming you have a girl, she won’t be there long if you start eating piping hot pizza with this most worthless of products. It’s more worthless then playing marco polo with Helen Keller… Marco, Marco, Marco, Marco, etc.

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  5. why dont you use the side of the fork? youd have to push just as hard w/ this gay slicer…oh and hellen keller guy…you gotta give credit where credit is due…stealing family guy shit like that

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