The PEZ MP3 Player

By David Ponce

So Pat Misterovich, a stay-at-home dad, thought it’d be a good idea to be making and selling a PEZ MP3 player. He asked the PEZ people nicely, and, well, they said go ahead! Lotsa sweat and headaches, some lost sleep and a bank loan later, the PEZ MP3 comes alive.

Spec-wise, it’s ok: 512 mb (holds around 120 songs), USB 2.0, plays MP3, WMA, WMA w/DRM, uses 1AAA battery and comes pre-loaded with a collection of Indie music. You can also use it as a USB drive and it comes with earbud headphones and USB cable. It’s a limited run 1st edition and the thing costs $100. You can get that price down to $86 if you buy 10 to 12 units.

So, guys… this dude looks like he’s worked real hard at this. Might not be the most droolworthy player out there, but damn, it’s a PEZ MP3 player fer crying out loud! There’s gotta be some people who got some lovin for PEZ…

Check out his site. Story VIA TUAW.

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