The Pet Master

The Pet Master (Image courtesy Excalibur Products)By Andrew Liszewski

Many people have been ringing the death toll for the PDA, but those people have been blind to the real killer app that will save these devices and that of course is managing your dog or cat’s busy schedule.

For the pet owner who has everything the Pet Master is a ‘pet-centric’ PDA that allows you to easily manage all of your vet appointments, medication schedules and even play-dates since that apparently can be overwhelming for some. Other features include a pet care shopping list, a list of pet-friendly motels for when you’re on the road and in addition to your vet’s contact info the Pet Master can also store the phone numbers and locations of nearby emergency clinics.

As an added bonus for every Pet Master purchased a donation will be made to an animal charity, though the website is a bit vague as to which ones.

The Pet Master is available for $29.95 from Excalibur Products.

[The Pet Master] VIA [The Luxist]