The Passbook Football Lets You Play Catch With Yourself


It sucks being forever alone. Don’t let us count the reasons. But we’ll mention one: you can’t play catch with a football by yourself. The pointy end of the ball will make it bounce off a wall all wrong, making solo play impossible. That’s of course until you buy a Passbook Football. It’s really half a ball, with one flat side. This way you can throw it at a wall and expect it to bounce right back at you. You can practice your aim by placing a target on said wall, or just have a bit of fun while thinking about how you’d actually really like to have some friends to do this with. And even if you do have pals, the Passbook Football can still be used in a whole new kind of gameplay that wouldn’t require you to have an entire field to your disposal. All in all, it’s an ingenious little toy, and it’s just $25.







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1 thought on “The Passbook Football Lets You Play Catch With Yourself”

  1. This is silly. The flat forward end of the ball both changes the weight and the flight dynamics of the ball. Anyone who is serious enough about passing practice to practice by themselves would never buy anything so silly.

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